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Letter from the Director

We're enjoying a wet pattern here in Northern California and Southern Oregon this fall, certainly a welcome break from a very hot and smoky summer. Our Early-Bird registration is open, and registrations have been brisk. If registrations continue at their present pace, some programs will fill during the Early Bird period. Unlike last year, when our coach-to-athlete ratio is reached for a program, registrations for that program will close.

The Ski Park has been busy this summer with renovations of the Black Diamond Grill, Douglas lift and the base area. It's great to have a partner in the Ski Park which is clearly dedicated to investing in their facilities and working with a race program.

Christmas is a scant two months away, which means that camps and our first day of programs on January 8th are on the horizon as well!

Even though it's raining, not snowing on our mountain, the pond which feeds snow-making operations is filling up, and we can all hope the jet stream keeps a southerly bearing throughout the winter!

See you all on the mountain,

Kareem Speake


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