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In preparation for the new ski & ride season...

The Mount Shasta Ski and Snowboard Team relies on families and individuals to keep us running in an efficient and affordable way. In some cases this is volunteering, and in others it comes in the form of paid race technicians and coaches.

None of us were born ski and snowboard coaches, race officials or race technicians. In almost every case we became involved due to our children's interests. We gained competency through experience and attending classes and clinics. As needs arose we and those before us stepped up to fill the need.

Last year we strained our program as interest grew. Our groups were just too large. This year we will be limiting group sizes. Interested kids could be excluded. To keep this from happening we need more coaches for our first two levels of skiers, and our first level of snowboarders. So long as you like kids and are a competent slider, we can help you attain the competency necessary to help our kids have a great experience.

We are a community based Ski and Snowboard program. Please consider reaching out to me at kareem@mtshastaskiteam with any questions about this.


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