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We're Back and We're All New!

The Mt. Shasta Ski & Snowboard Team is pleased to announce it has hired Alyssa Winkelman as its new Program Director. Chris Chase, Board of Directors President, announced “we are proud to have Alyssa re-join the team. She has a long history with the Ski Team, having grown up in the program and racing for the Mt. Shasta High School Alpine Race Team. Her ski racing skills took her all the way to the California/ Nevada State Championships in her high school years. Those who know Alyssa will agree that she is positive, energetic and passionate about alpine education and the mountain community. She has extensive qualifications in outdoor education instruction and emergency medical training. In addition to being a life-long skier she has served for eight winters as a Ski Patroller at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park. She is involved with many community non-profits, including Bike Shasta and the Mt. Shasta Nordic Center. The Team welcomes her and looks forward to a successful and snowy program season.” Alyssa was born in Siskiyou County and raised in Mt. Shasta, joining the Ski Team at the age of seven. Alyssa added, "I am thrilled to be leading this organization into the future. Mt. Shasta Ski Team raised me and taught me the value of being part of a team and working hard. I am so excited to pass along what I learned as a ski racer to all our young athletes. I have big plans for making our programs more sustainable and can't wait to see what we can do"!

We are also excited to have Brian Santos take on the role of Head Coach. He has been with the ski team for twenty seasons coaching advanced programs. Brian is a highly qualified coach being a level 400 ski instructor. As a ski racer he won many medals at the U.S. Championships and at two Winter Paralympics, as well as being named to the National Disabled Ski Hall of Fame. “Brian’s racing and coaching expertise is unparalleled in our region. Local skiers and racers have benefitted from his skills for many years and this promotion will enable Brian to mentor our coaches and help Alyssa build our program."

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