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Getting Team Information

With our on again, off again winter it’s become apparent that we can use this time to improve communications with our team and our venue, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Do you have MSST team friends that aren’t receiving these email newsletters? Please let them know that these newsletters are sent out weekly on Thursdays. If they are not showing up in the Inbox then they are most likely in the Spam or Junk folders. These can be found and marked not spam so they will be received in the future.

We look to the weather forecast on a daily basis and want to get the word out ASAP to our team members when it’s time to get back out onto the snow. The Ski Park does everything it can to open as soon as conditions are safe and dependable. Recently their website was overwhelmed with views of their webcam. The site crashed repeatedly over the five days before opening and many people could not get information. We send out that information as soon as we hear from Ski Park management but it became apparent that Facebook was also a good source of information. This year the Park has stepped up its social media presence with Sara, the new “face” of the Ski Park. She has been making daily update videos on conditions and happenings. We plan on stepping up our social media also and are working on integrating Ski Park website and Facebook information with our own sites. Help us improve our communications by checking out our Facebook page, like us and use the site for information and entertainment, especially on that glorious day when we see the words “winter storm warning” on the forecast banner.

High hopes of seeing you all soon on the snow!



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