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What Do We Do When There Is No Snow?

MSST Staff Training

The answer is...we train!

Since we can't get out on the snow to train, our coaches and staff got together at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Upper Lodge last weekend for two days of training provided by Francine Tone and Director Nick Treat.

Saturday's training was conducted by Francine Tone, topics included:

  • On the job behavior

  • Firing up athlete motivation with smart goals

  • Subtle Shifts - Better way to communicate

  • Alphabet - the importance of demonstrations to athletes.

We will be training on the weekends to improve our coaching and on the snow program performance as a Team.

What can our athletes and parents do when there is no snow?

  • Have your boards or skis tuned and checked by qualified techs at a local shop.

  • Check our Parent Handbook to make sure your child has the mandatory equipment.

It's a good time to get out that winter clothing & gear and make sure all is ready for that glorious day when we hear the words "the Park is Opening tomorrow!"

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