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End of Season Letter to Athletes from Paul Gianera

This letter is something I'll keep forever. A last letter to Paul Gianera's Team written as a farewell to ski season. Mike MacAllister

Dear Athletes,

Our season and time together has come to an end. It seems a bit premature to me. The progress, enthusiasm, and general passion for skiing that I witnessed these last few weeks were impressive. Now, not next fall, is the time to begin thinking of the future.

A brief review of some of our training and focus for this season would go something as follows:

  • Review and improve the athletic stance and related skills

  • Various progressions for balance, pole usage, flexion & extension and specific skills for conditions, to name a few

  • Lots of mileage in gates set to improve turn shape & line

  • Free skiing in conditions for confidence and for challenge

  • Tactics and inspection skills for race day success

  • Developing a passion for enjoying and improving skiing thru challenge and fun

When I’m not fishing for ocean Salmon or hunting waterfowl somewhere; I’m thinking of it or preparing for it. This totally improves my technique, success, and enjoyment of such activities. Skiing, and especially ski racing are no different. The time you spend preparing for the upcoming season now, will instantly be recognized when you hit the snow next year. Your balance, strength, and general ability to adapt in training and conditions will improve by following a simple training plan (it can, and should be fun too!) for this summer. The hardest part is getting started!

  • Aerobic base training thru running, biking, hiking or whatever that will raise your heart rate for 30 minutes or more will set the foundation.

  • Strength training with weights and resistance devices will help develop power, speed and reduce your chances of injury. Yes, strength training is recommended and safe for young developing adults provided it is properly taught and coached. Some of your competitors are doing it tight now! Try watching a TV on a “gymnastic ball” too.

  • View world cup or training tapes alone, then visualize and just think about skiing clean and powerful. Play and participate in as may different sports and activities as you can. Just say NO to your computer sometimes!

I had a great time working with you this season. We all worked hard, had some fun and developed into a great group, one of the best on the hill in my opinion. It showed in your skiing, your attitude, and made me a very proud coach. Please call or e-mail me if you have any training or equipment questions, and “Keep those hips up and over!”

Your coach,

Paul A. Gianera

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