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Freestyle Snowboard
Ages 10 & up



  • This program is for snowboarders who are interested in learning freestyle snowboarding  and will include free-riding and learning about safe terrain park practices and use.

  • Progression in the terrain park will be a particular focus.

  • Travel to USASA freestyle and boarder cross events along with Woodward at Tahoe for indoor foam pit training and an amazing terrain park at Boreal will be made available if there are enough interested athletes.

  • Brian Kerr and Ty Parks will be our freestyle coaches. 

  • Some Friday afternoons and Sunday late mornings will be included dates TBD.

  • Program will run 8 weeks starting January 6th.  Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays to be determined based on parents' requests.

  • We will be re-instituting our volunteer program to help keep our fees down. You will be given a choice in registration of agreeing to volunteer hours or add $180 to your registration.

  • Ages 10 and up.

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