Ski Race Team

  • For 2022 the Race Team will become a more cooperative program with the USSA Far West Team and the Regional Team working together. Head Coach Dana Randolph, Lacey Mauro, Wayne Randolph and Kareem Speake will share coaching duties. Athletes will be placed in groups on a weekly basis depending on their needs at the time. 

  • For Far West Athletes dryland training will precede the season, as will a parent information/gear inspection night. 

  • Far West athletes will need to register with USSA as a competitor prior to registering for the Far West program. 

  • Far West athletes will train Saturdays and Sundays. Those of high school age will train with their high schools on Friday and Sunday. Far West practice will continue after high school practice ends on Sundays. 

  • Far West athletes are expected to attend a minimum of 2 USSA Far West events. Coach Dana will be creating a calendar with Far West families to allow the greatest amount of support possible. 

  • Regional Team athletes will practice on Saturdays and add some Sundays following the MLK holiday. 

  • Regional athletes are encouraged to race in our local races and the Mt. Ashland races. Both mountains put on fun, non-intimidating competitions. 

  • Duration: Far West from dry-land in the Fall, training commences the second weekend day the Ski Park is open. (Unless it's Christmas) Far West ends with the Tech Finals in Tahoe. Whether we attend the Tech Finals or the final Wild West event is TBD. 

  • Duration: Regionals begins January 8th and runs for 8 weeks. 

  • Registration in the Race Team, both Far West and Regional, includes the December 27-31 race camp.

  • Registration in the Far West Team includes high school training fees.

  • For both programs MSRA race fees are included. (The Coyote Classic is a Fifth-Season event).

Program fee: TBD